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  1. Vania Bali

    Adopt traditional element with secure parking area
  2. Vania Bali

    High traffic site locate in Kuta Central Park
  3. Vania Bali

    Warwick corner with lot of sample product collection
  4. Vania Bali

    More decorative unique accessories
  5. Vania Bali

    Entrance look with signature floor display
  6. Vania Bali

    Warm interior display with chosen interior
  7. Vania Bali

    Locate in most visit tourist location, Kuta Bali
  8. Vania Surabaya

    Night appearance view from mayjen sungkono street
  9. Vania Surabaya

    Chosen material for optimal service
  10. Vania Surabaya

    A lot more collection to choose and pick
  11. Vania Surabaya

    Wider space for your convenience experience
  12. Corner of Vania surabaya look

    Green concept showroom with less energy used
  13. Vania Surabaya Entrance look

    More of unique furniture
  14. Vania Surabaya

    Combine of some of different element
  15. Vania Surabaya second floor

    Bold meet modern charm look


Not all Vania Interior fabric ranges appear on this website but may be viewed in any of our showrooms, so please check with our sales office.
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