• 030-trovada-030.jpg  Color Name    030

    Color Type   red
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 060-trovada-060.jpg  Color Name    060

    Color Type   Purple
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 061-trovada-061.jpg  Color Name    061

    Color Type   chocolate, pink
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 062-trovada-062.jpg  Color Name    062

    Color Type   Purple
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 091-trovada-091.jpg  Color Name    091

    Color Type   grey, black
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 110-trovada-110.jpg  Color Name    110

    Color Type   red, black
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 120-trovada-120.jpg  Color Name    120

    Color Type   blue
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 161-trovada-161.jpg  Color Name    161

    Color Type   grey, brown
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 180-trovada-180.jpg  Color Name    180

    Color Type   chocolate, cream
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 181-trovada-181.jpg  Color Name    181

    Color Type   chocolate
    Collection(s)   Contract
  • 183-trovada-183.jpg  Color Name    183

    Color Type   black, chocolate
    Collection(s)   Contract

Spesification Note
  • Composition100 % Polyester
  • Pattern RepeatV = 2 cm H = 1.4 cm
  • RailroadedNo
  • Width(cm)140 cm
  • Weight(gsm)290 gsm
  • Fabric care

Care Instructions

Various factors determine the life expectancy of our high quality fabrics including colour, weight and fibre content. As a result some fabrics may require specific cleaning solutions or procedures to guarantee optimum appearance, texture and durability. For cleaning information, stain removal and other helpful tips, please browse through our Care & advice section.


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