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Dust Mite

Anti-Bacterial (Anti-Microbial) - A fabric that has been chemically treated or a fiber that is created by incorporating the anti-bacterial chemical agent into the fiber formula, making the finished fiber or fabric resistant to, or inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms.   Antifungal - Inhibits or kills fungi

Aromatherapy & Softener

Aromatherapy is actually a treatment or prevention of disease by the use of HOS – Human Olfactory Sense.  Now, there is something different about just smelling for instance a candle that smells like lavender and actually smelling something that was meant for aromatherapy use that smells like lavender.

Fabric softening process that does not involve chemical. The process start with big machine and it start with slamming the fabric on a large drum repeatedly until the fabric density becomes loose and made the surface softener

Water Repellent

Special treatment is applied with special coating in to the material. This coating will cause fabrics become water-resistant that repels water but is not thoroughly waterproof

Easy maintenance

With Vania, maintenance is not something that you have to worry about. With its high value in both fashion and function, Vania offers various easy-to-maintain fabrics, such as those coated with dirt or water repellent protection that will make the fabrics become much easier to clean.


Not all Vania Interior fabric ranges appear on this website but may be viewed in any of our showrooms, so please check with our sales office.
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